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What is Yummy?
Yummy is a independently owned and operated record store, skateshop, and mailorder located in Wien/Austria. We have been doing our own thing since 1998. Or even longer, depending on how you look at it.

Are you vegan?
Are you vegan?

Are you straight edge?
What was the question again? I was too drunk last night...

How long have you been skating?
Longer than you, believe us.

Which tricks can you do?
Only one. It's called the "Bump-Your-Head". That, and like the Ergs!, the "180 Emotional Ollie".

Will you sponsor me?
No. Steve Ebner gets all our attention. He's great and deserves some goodies from a "real" sponsor. So if you are a skateboard company, send your stuff! Oh, and did we mention Muki Rüstig? So there.

Will you sponsor my crappy little punk rock show?
No. Ever heard about DIY?!

What's this black little thing in your shop?
It's something like a dog. His name is Affi. We fired him twelve times, but he is still here. To be honest: he's the senior vice president of Yummy. With a bank account on the Caymans.

Why is Yummy only open from 12 AM to 6 PM?
Uhm, because we can?

We are a very talented band. Can we play an in-store gig?
Sure. If your band's name is Whiskey & Co. Or Foundation. We'll even cook for you then!

I'm looking for a pink shirt with a skull. Can you help me?
No. I think no one could help you anymore.

Why does Yummy only sell certain skateboard brands?
Because we like them

Why doesn't Yummy sell more skateboard brands?
Because we DON'T like them.

Why is Yummy still in this small location and not a big store?
We don't have a cleaner, so it would be way more work.

I really like the band [insert name] and their new CD. Can you burn me a copy?
Holy shit. People like you are killing record labels, bands, and stores. If you love a band, BUY their music!

I bought a record two years ago, but I don't like it anymore. Can I get something else instead?
Yes. A nice and friendly foot up your ass.

Can I work at Yummy?
Thanks for asking, but no.

It's 2010 and you don't have a Myspace or Facebook account. What the hell is up with you?
Yummy good. Myspace bad. Facebook bad. Punk rock good. We'd rather sit on our store couch and listen to records. And if parallel universes or un-realities are your thing, drop some LSD. Or go read Harry Potter. (Well, we fucked up. We're on Facebook now. Ouch.)

Why did you stop selling vegan skate shoes?
See, that's the thing with ideas... it seemed like a good concept ten years ago, but most of the vegan shoes these look like submarines or gangsta bling bling stuff. Oh, and we were tired of all the hippies coming in.

Do you have the new record by [insert name] on coloured vinyl?
No. And we're not going to open every record to look it up for you.

I saw a t-shirt by [insert name] on your website - do you have it in other colours and sizes, too?

Can you order it for me then?
No. Most of the time we don't know which colours we'll get ourselves.

I read on the internet that the new [insert name] record is already out. Do you know anything about that?
No. Ask the label. And do you believe everything you read?

The price of this skateboard deck - does that include griptape?

Do you also ship to ... ?
Yes. If it is in Europe or in the USA. All other countries are just way too expensive. Sorry.

Are you going to distribute my band's/label's stuff?
Distribute - no. We have a few cool labels that we work with directly, and anything more would be beyond our capacity. Help you sell your stuff - probably yes. But please send a sample copy or promo first and let us know your wholesale prices and everything else we might need to know.

Wanna exchange links?

I saw this and that on your website - do you have that in your shop, too?
Yes. In 99% of the cases we have it. But some things sell faster than others and there is just no way that we can have everything in stock all the time.

Do you want to trade the new Converge LP for my band's demo?
Ha ha ha.

It's August now. Can you put seven records aside for me until christmas?
No. No. No.

But my friend said...

Why is that record so expensive? What did it cost you?
Come on... shut the fuck up. Please.

You make buttons. Do you also make stickers, patches, t-shirts and space ships?
No. And we're bad cooks.

Any more questions?
Please get in touch.

Yummy | Stumpergasse 31 | 1060 Wien | Austria | Store open: Mo-Fr 12-18, Sa 12-17